Seven Reasons

Choosing a training provider or safety consultant can be confusing. There are so many out there. What sets them apart? We had a think about this, and decided to ask our staff, consultants, clients and colleagues what they thought set Total Management and Training apart from other providers in the industry. They came up with the following, and we feel pretty good about it...


  1. Highly professional and ethical organisation providing quality outcomes
  2. Large range of courses and qualifications utilising quality course materials and up-to-date consultancy documentation
  3. Fully qualified and highly specialised trainers and consultants, with current industry experience and local knowledge
  4. Helpful, friendly, courteous staff offering ongoing support and service to clients and students
  5. Highly flexible, adaptable, focused and competitive business which focuses on clients' specific needs, with an understanding of corporate and commercial challenges
  6. Excellent, modern, air conditioned training facilities providing a state-of-the-art audio/visual experience, central city location and plenty of free parking
  7. Financially responsible and sustainable family business, offering a local presence with traditional values and excellence in customer service


So next time you're considering your options, and trying to sort the wheat from the chaff, have a think about the 7 reasons above. Our client testimonials are pretty cool too.


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