Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Last updated 26/03/2020

Total Management and Training (TMT) has set up this page to keep students and clients up to date with both our response and also wanted to provide as much support to students, clients and the general community.

The whole team at TMT wish all our students, clients, Australia and the rest of the world our best wishes and support in these challenging times.

TMT Service Status

Public face to face training: Training postponed until 9th April 2020. Virtual alternatives being established and tested where possible (further information to come).

Onsite face to face training: Majority of courses postponed until further information available. Organisations to discuss directly with TMT for clarification.

Get It Done Sessions (GIDs): Postponed until further notice. Virtual GIDS being organised - further details will be available soon.

Consultancy meetings: All meetings moved to virtual meetings or postponed until a later date.

Walk-in customers: TMT offices will generally not be physically manned as our team will be working from home. If you wish to contact us please do so electronically via email (email/office)( or via phone (07 4051 6357).

What is TMT doing?

We have completed a risk assessment on our activities and have implemented controls to limit the spread of the virus, as listed below:

  • Cleaning of all public areas and offices as recommended by the World Health Organisation every morning.
  • All electronic devices (laptops, keyboards, mice, phones) cleaned each morning
  • Devices provided for student use (laptops) cleaned as issued out to students
  • Classes arranged to allow for maximum distance between students (1.5m between individuals)

What TMT requests from you?

We believe everyone has a part to play in the control of the spread of this virus. With this in mind, we ask the following of each of our students and clients:

  • If you develop any of the relevant symptoms of the Coronavirus (see image below), please do not come to the scheduled training. Contact our office and notify them of your absence, then obtain medical advice.
  • If you are seen to have any of the symptoms identified below, you will be issued with a face mask (if stock is available), and asked to leave the training facility immediately and obtain medical advice.

If you become sick or are asked to leave, there will be no charge for you to transfer to the next scheduled delivery of the course. If there is no further delivery, or there are circumstances preventing you from completing, we will discuss options with you at the time.


TMT has been developing resources for use internally, as well as finding resources from other organisations which we can utilise to assist us with knowledge sharing and creation of procedures. We are providing those resources here (or linking to other organisations) to enable you to put in place your own process in assessing risks associated with your organisation and controlling them. Feel free to use these resources and share them with others.

Our Risk Assessment

Here is a copy of the risk assessment we have conducted and any relevant attachments we have created. This was quickly put together and is pretty much uploaded as we implemented it (just changing names to protect our secret identities).

Good Posters for around the office

  • Australia - Department of Health
    • Stop the Spread - information on how to avoid spreading the virus - displayed in public areas
    • Know the Signs - information on the key signs/symptoms of the virus - displayed in public areas
  • World Health Organisation

Information and References

We have seen a lot of unreferenced and incorrect information being provided across multiple social media platforms and also filtering through to general
media releases. Below, we have collated a list of references which we believe provide good quality and dependable information for you to make considered
decisions in relation to both yourself, your family and your workplace.

Worldwide Information



In the list below, we have linked to what we believe to be the central information hub for each state - feel free to send us any corrections if you find any issues.

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