CSQ Higher Level Skills Program

CSQ Higher Level Skills Program

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent industry funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices and career seekers in the building and construction industry.

The Higher Level Skills – General Construction program aims to retain the skills of existing workers in the building and construction industry by providing access to Certificate IV and higher level vocational training qualifications specifically in building and construction. Eligible existing, under-employed or recently unemployed building and construction workers who want to further develop their skills are provided with training and assessment in a range of fully subsidised qualifications.

This program will target skilled workers who want to increase their depth of knowledge and possibly transition into higher level roles. For some, this will alleviate the rigour of the manual labour associated with being on a construction site. It could also mean that they will have the training they need to adopt more supervisory roles on site. 


What qualifications are subsidised by funding?

Code Qualification CSQ Contribution Participant to Pay
BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety $2,700.00 Fully Funded
BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health and Safety $3,451.25 Fully Funded

Apprentice Advance Plus (pricing for Apprentices Only)

Code Qualification CSQ Contribution Participant to Pay
BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety $3,375.00 Fully Funded
BSB51319 Diploma in Work Health and Safety  $3,451.25 Fully Funded


Who is eligible?

Particpants under this agreement must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Must be:

  • An Exisiting Worker; and
  • an Eligible Worker; or 
  • an Unemployed Eligible Worker. 

Must be:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen; or
  • a permanent resident of Australia; or 
  • a refugee and humanitarian visa holder.

Must be:

  • permanently reside is Queensland
  • be permanently employed in Queensland. 

In addition to the above if you are an Apprentice you must be:

  • A current active Apprentice or Trainee in Queensland undertaking a Recognized Apprenticeship or Traineeship, who is their 3rd and 4th year of their Apprenticeship or Traineeship; or
  • An eligible worker or Unemployed Eligible Worker in the first year out of their Recognised Apprenticeship or Traineeship who must commence training with 365 days of the completion date in DELTA; or
  • A cancelled Apprentice or Trainee was undertaking a Recognised Apprenticeship or Traineeship that has been cancelled and they are currently accessing State Government funding to complete their institution-based training.

 An Exisiting Worker is a current employee in the Building and Constuction Industry who has a one month or more employment relationship with their Employer. The working relationship can be built up through full-time, part-time or casual employment or engagement as a contract worker. 

An Unemployed Eligible Worker is a person who has been unemployed for a period of not greater than 4 years that would otherwise meet the requirements of an Eligible Worker. 

If you are unsure if you are in the building or construction industry, you may access this information on the CSQ website.

Participants are only eligible for one Higher Level Skills qualification per funding contract. You are not eligible if you have previously completed the same units of competency or qualification (funded or non funded). 

You must reside in Far North Queensland to apply for funding through Total Management and Training. If you are unsure please refer to this map


Who is not eligible?

The participant must not be:

  • an employee of any Authority (unless they are employed by an Indigenous Council that is a principle contractor);
  • currently enrolled and participating in a Qld secondary school program;
  • a contracted trainer or assessor or exisiting worker of an RTO;
  • previously funded under this Program in the same Contract Term;
  • other individuals that do not meet participant eligibility as prescribed in ‘Who is Eligible?’ on the previous page.



Participation Requirements

The participation requirements of this program expect those completing a qualification to have handed in the below assessents by specific timelines:

  • Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety - assessments for 2 completed units must be submitted within 3 months. 
  • Diploma of Work Health and Safety - assessments for 1 completed unit must be submitted within 3 months.

On enrolment you will be issued a Qualficiation Completion Plan that will assist you to stay on track of your qualification.  


How to enrol under CSQ funding

You will need to complete two forms to enrol into a course and access the CSQ Funding.

1. Enrolment and Training Agreement

2. a) Higher Level Skills - General Construction Form OR

    b) Higher Level Skills - General Construction Apprentice Advance Plus Form

        (for Appentices only)

For public courses, please contact our office to ensure courses are going ahead prior to booking. 

Please contact our office to book an on-site or dedicated course for your organisation (funded or not funded). Dates will only be locked in on the return of a signed quote/booking form, accompanied by funding paperwork for each participant, if relevant.



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