CSQ Small Business Program

CSQ Small Business Program

The CSQ Small Business Program aims to increase the capability and capacity of small construction businesses through training and support in order to assist these businesses to grow, survive and prosper.

The program consists of 6 days of training with qualified, experienced and local trainers. There will be two delivery options to choose from face to face or online training. 

What topics are included in the training? NEW DATES TO BE RELEASED SOON

Knowledge to Comply with Legislation, Regulation and Codes

  • Identify what type of license you require to comply with the QBCC Act 1991
  • What are site sign requirements for Qld?
  • What is the legislation that governs residential building work in Qld?
  • What is the Homeowner Warranty Insurance in Qld?
  • What is the Building Code of Australia, and how to apply it to construction work?
  • What is a Building Contract and how does it apply to construction work?
  • What does the WHS Act 2011 say and how to apply it to building work?
  • What are the 6 critical elements of a tax invoice?

Estimating, Tendering, Quoting and Contract Management

  • What do you need before you commence estimating a building project?
  • How do you establish labour costs for the project?
  • How many quotes for the project should you obtain and why?
  • When selecting a quotation from a Contractor or Suppliers, what do you look for?
  • What legislative requirements are considered when identifying and producing Cost Estimates?
  • What are overhead costs and how can they be included in Cost Estimate?
  • How do you present the Cost Estimate on to the client?

Marketing and Business Development

  • Define who your customers are vs who you want them to be
  • How do you find the customers you want?
  • Social Media. Why should I care?
  • First impressions count – don’t send mixed messages
  • What’s all this stuff about leads and conversions?
  • The 10 biggest mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them
  • The power of data in a regional town
  • Measuring the effectiveness of marketing

Digital Skills

  • Digital Basics – Emails, web browsing, data back up and resilience, security, browsing web apps
  • Digital Skills – Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

  • Communication skills as a foundation skill
  • Know yourself and own it – identify your default mannerisms
  • Best practice consultation and cooperation
  • Principles of conflict resolution
  • Build relationships as you negotiate
  • Tactics for successful negotiations
  • Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional – you have choices
  • Conflict resolution styles and remediation tools
  • Some tools for dealing with difficult situations
  • Strategies for effective listening and getting the message across
  • Assertive techniques for conflict resolution
  • The successful techniques and advantages of negotiation

Financial and Budgeting Skills

  • Basics of Financial Reports – the foundations
  • How to interpret Financial Reports – from Assets and Liabilities to Profit and Loss
  • Yesterday, today and tomorrow forecasting – using our financial information strategically
  • Using reports to make the best decisions going forward
  • Translate financial plans into strategies
  • Linking financial strategies with accountabilities and real-time goals
  • Monitor financial performance –strategies for stability, keeping it current
  • Target setting to improve financial performance
  • Putting budgets together from the foundations
  • Building realistic budgets around goals and strategies
  • Flexible Budget Strategies – allowing for the unforeseen variables

Who is eligible?

Participants under this agreement must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Must be:

  • Owner of an Eligible Building and Construction Small Business OR
  • An employee of an Eligible Building and Construction Small Business who is directly involved in the day to day running of the business.

Must be:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen; or
  • a permanent resident of Australia; or 
  • a refugee and humanitarian visa holder.

Must be:

  • permanently reside in Queensland
  • be permanently employed in Queensland. 

Eligible Building and Construction Small Business means a business with 20 or fewer employees that conducted building and construction work in the Queensland Building and Construction Industry and is based in Queensland.

If you are unsure if you are in the building or construction industry, you may access this information on the CSQ website.

You must reside in Far North Queensland to apply for funding through Total Management and Training. If you are unsure please refer to this map

Who is not eligible?

The participant must not be:

  • an employee of any Authority (unless they are employed by an Indigenous Council that is a principle contractor);
  • currently enrolled and participating in a Qld secondary school program;
  • a contracted trainer or assessor or existing worker of an RTO;
  • previously funded under this Program in the same Contract Term;

How to enrol under CSQ funding

To enrol in the program you will need to complete the eligibility form. 

Please send your complete paperwork and evidence to email/enrolments)(totalmantra.com.au - to secure your place.


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