Asbestos Awareness Week


Help raise asbestos safety awareness

November 20–24 is Asbestos Awareness Week, and it’s a great time to help raise awareness of working safely with asbestos.

A personal story can have a big impact. You can arrange for WHSQ Safety advocates Don and Julie Sager to come to speak to your workers. Don and Julie discuss the loss of their son to an asbestos related disease. Adam was a toddler at the time of his exposure, and was unknowingly exposed to asbestos dust while his parents renovated their home.

Or you can share Asbestos Awareness Ambassador Trevor Gillmeister’s film about losing his Dad to mesothelioma, which he contracted through his work as a boiler maker.

Or simply include information about handling asbestos safely during renovations and storm clean-ups in your staff newsletters and social media, put up posters and give out our brochure.

Download free asbestos resources at or email email/safe)(

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