Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Who Should Attend?

Managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to maximise their positive impact on others through effective interpersonal skills should attend this program.

Communication and interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People who have worked on developing strong communication and interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives.

Organisational change, diversity and digital communications have changed the face of the workplace. Today, more than ever, success depends upon the combined cooperation, commitment and action of people—both face-to-face and across digital channels. That's why interpersonal communication skills for managers are so critical in today's evolving business environment. 


Program Content

This program will cover the following:

  • Develop communication skills and negotiation techniques
  • Understand the difference between hearing and listening
  • Ways to improve the interpersonal skills of asking questions and communicating with power
  • Understand ‘non-verbal communication’ and how it can enhance communication
  • Develop the skills in effectively starting a conversation and moving a conversation in different directions
  • Remembering names and managing situations when you’ve forgotten someone’s name
  • Seeing all points of view, compromise and developing solutions
  • Giving in without giving up, and influencing other people
  • The use of facts and emotions in interpersonal interactions
  • Sharing opinions constructively
  • Preparing for, opening, negotiation, bargaining, and closing a negotiation
  • Making a positive impact through powerful first impressions, and situation assessment
  • Being assertive without being aggressive or offensive
  • Use the right verbal and non-verbal language when expressing emotion
  • Empathise with others’ emotional experiences and provide support
  • Implement these concepts and techniques in the workplace to develop a harmonious team


Course Outcome

Participants attending this program will benefit from enhanced interpersonal skills, and be able to use these skills to effectively communicate and improve their managerial influence. All participants will be provided with course handouts, and will gain a Certificate of Completion.


Course Venue and Equipment

Courses are generally conducted in our training rooms in Cairns. Where an organisation would like to book a dedicated course for their staff, we are able to come to you and train on-site.

Where courses are conducted onsite then a suitable venue complete with white board or butchers paper is to be provided by the client company.  The venue shall have sufficient space for the participants to be seated comfortably for the duration of training. Any catering costs shall be borne by the client company.  Please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements if there is any difficulty in providing these facilities and equipment.


Additional Costs and Expenses

Where the training is conducted outside the immediate Cairns area then additional costs will be applicable. Any airfares, travel, accommodation, meals and materials freight incurred in the provision of this training will be on-charged plus 10%. Mileage will be charged at 80¢ (plus GST) per kilometre and traveling time will be charged at our standard rates. Please contact us for a formal quotation for courses conducted outside of Cairns.


How to Enrol

Public courses scheduled on demand if minimum numbers can be met. Please contact us if you have 3 or more attendees. 


How to Book a Dedicated Course

Contact our office if you would like to book a dedicated course. Course date will be scheduled at the time of booking.



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