MSMWHS217 Gas Test Atmospheres

Who Should Attend?

This course provides the skills and knowledge required to test the working atmosphere, using electronic test apparatus, to find out if it is safe for the proposed work. It applies to situations where an individual may be required to carry out gas testing of an atmosphere prior to entering a specific area or workspace. The competency requires the person to interpret readings and take actions based on the interpretation.

Working environment may be hazardous, unpredictable, subject to time pressure, chaotic and expose responders to risk, on land or water, by day or night. Workplace atmospheres may include visible and invisible hazards and hazardous surfaces.


What will they learn?

The aim of this course is to provide persons with the understanding and skills to gas test atmospheres.  At the completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • recognise and assess conditions that require testing
  • identify the appropriate action according to procedures and within scope of responsibility, including:
    • selecting, preparing and using gas testing equipment
    • applying testing regime
    • selecting and using personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • identifying hazards and applying control measures
    • cleaning and maintaining equipment
  • take readings and interpret, report/record relevant data
  • apply known solutions to routine problems
  • communicate clearly and unambiguously with a range of personnel on safety conditions and procedures


Recognition of Prior Learning

Your history of study, skills and experience can be taken into account but it must support the criteria included in the above units of competency. Documentary evidence and interview will be required.


How will I be assessed and what will I receive?

Your competencies will be assessed through completion of theory and practical exercises. Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the unit MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres.



Wherever possible we prefer to utilise the equipment which will be available to participants upon their return to work. Below is a list of equipment required for the conduct of the course. All equipment available for use must have received all appropriate checks, inspections and/or tests.  In addition to the above equipment, an area will be required for practical application of the skills. 

  • Sufficient tables and chairs for the participants to be seated comfortably for the duration of the training
  • Work bench or equivalent  for equipment commissioning
  • Each participant will require safety helmets, work clothing, safety footwear, gloves and eye protection.

Please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements if there is any difficulty in providing these facilities and equipment.


Additional Costs and Expenses

Where the training is conducted outside the immediate Cairns area then additional costs will be applicable. Any air fares, travel, accommodation, meals and materials freight incurred in the provision of this training will be on-charged. Mileage will be charged at 80¢ (plus GST) per kilometre and traveling time will be charged at our standard rates. Please contact us for a formal quotation for courses conducted outside of Cairns.


How to Book a Course

Contact our office to schedule an on-site course for your organisation.



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