TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
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On 9 August 2019 the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), who is the VET regulator, issued a General Direction calling for the cessation of third party arrangements between two registered training organisations unless both organisations could show they hold the products being delivered on their respective scopes of registration.

This is due to wording within the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (the NVR Act) Sections 93 and 94 which states it is an offence for an RTO to provide, or offer to provide, all or part of that VET course that is not within the organisation’s scope of registration.

ASQA has taken this to mean that an RTO cannot engage another (‘third party’) RTO to deliver a VET course, unless the third party RTO has that VET course on scope. An RTO can, however, engage another non-RTO organisation or individual to deliver training and assessment, as long as the principle RTO has the VET course on its scope of registration.

This decision from our regulator has affected many third-party arrangements across the country, including Total Management and Training, who were in a third party arrangement with Fortress Learning to deliver TAE products. TMT has held previous TAE products on its scope of registration in the past, however does not have the new TAE40116 qualification and therefore can no longer partner with Fortress in providing face to face classroom delivery in our region.


What Now?

TMT will no longer be providing face to face classroom delivery of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, or any of the other TAE units or skill sets.

Fortress Learning, who have the latest TAE products on their scope of registration is not going to let our region down however. They will be offering this qualification and various other courses in the region themselves.

For more information, please contact Fortress Learning direct on 1300 141 994 or email them – email/training)(fortresslearning.com.au

You can also find out more about Fortress Learning's Far North Queensland programs HERE

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