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Need a helping hand to get through your qualification?

So you've filled out that mega-enrolment form the size of which could rival a Harry Potter novel. You've come to class full of enthusiasm, and left even more motivated to power through that qual. But now you're by yourself. On your pat malone. Nellie no friends... and you're stuck.

Well we're here to get you unstuck. It's what we do.

Not only can you contact our friendly Admin Team and ask to be put in contact with your trainer for assistance, you can also book yourself into one of our Get It Done Sessions. These sessions run during weekdays, after hours on weekdays as well as on select Saturdays. So stop procrastinating, and let's GET IT DONE.

You will find a booking form following the calendars.

Please note bookings within 24 hours of the commencement of a Get It Done Session will only be accepted if a session is already running, and there is space available.
Where a session has no attendees, bookings will cease 24 hours prior to commencement, due to the inability to roster trainers at short notice. 
Our admin team will make contact with you if this is the case.

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