General Evacuation Instructions

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to train employees on what is required for general evacuation in the event of an emergency. 

The occupier of a building must give general evacuation instructions to all workers within 2 days of starting, and these instructions must be refreshed every 12 months.

If there are any changes to the emergency procedures or evacuation diagrams, workers must be retrained within one month of the changes occurring.

This course meets the requirements of the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 for general evacuation.

Course Objectives

This course provides an understanding of emergencies, building evacuation and first response including:

  • The location of the buildings’ escape routes
  • A procedure for conducting members of the public to an exit and then to the designated assembly area
  • Checking of all rooms (including toilets) for people
  • The location of fire-fighting equipment
  • The location of fire alarms or equipment for warning of fire
  • The method of operation of fire-fighting equipment
  • The method used to activate fire alarms or equipment for warning of fire
  • Making the announcement for occupants of the building to evacuate.
  • Contacting the Fire Service using ‘000’ telephone number passing on details of the emergency.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the building evacuation, with consideration as to who may be missing and where they may still be within the building
  • Meeting the attending Fire Service Officer to pass on updated details of the emergency.

What will the participant receive at the conclusion of the course?

Participants who attend this course will receive a Statement of Attendance. A Fire and Evacuation Instruction Record will also be provided on completion of the course as required under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

Assistance with reading, writing or mathematics

We can provide support in some areas. Where we cannot, we will provide direction to other agencies who may be able to assist.

Our Responsibility To You

As our trainers are also qualified Fire Safety Advisers, they are obliged to demonstrate Due Diligence when providing instruction and/or training. To ensure our clients get full benefit from this training we make sure there is evidence and traceability in regards to the requirements of the training.

Evacuation instruction is very specific to an individual workplace, and is based on the client’s emergency procedures and diagrams. Therefore, before we conduct this training for you, we would like to review your existing emergency plan and diagrams free of charge, to ensure your organisation is compliant with the relevant parts, and to ensure we are training the evacuation as per your procedures.

If we find any issues, we will send you an email with what we have identified so you can address the issues prior to the training. If you find you do not have the time or resources to correct the issues, we can provide a quote for us to make the corrections for you, or if you don’t have an emergency plan, to assist in creating one for you.

Once we have the above in order, we are able to provide the appropriate training for your organisation. For more information you can click here to find the Advisory Notes which supports our approach to ensuring your organisation gets value for your investment. 

Emergency Warden Training  (Evacuation Coordination Instruction)

Please note this course constitutes the first two hours of our half day Evacuation Coordination Instruction course. If you have a complex workplace environment, and believe you also require this training, please let our friendly staff know, so we can accommodate your requirements. Our Fire Safety Advisor (who is the trainer) may contact you to discuss this requirement to ensure you are seeking the appropriate training for your organisation.

Additional Costs and Expenses

Where the training is conducted outside the immediate Cairns area then additional costs will be applicable. Any airfares, travel, accommodation, meals and materials freight incurred in the provision of this training will be on- charged. Mileage will be charged at 80¢ (plus GST) per kilometre and traveling time will be charged at our standard rates. Please contact us for a formal quotation for courses conducted outside of Cairns.

Venue and Equipment

Where courses are conducted on-site then a suitable venue, data projector and white board are to be provided by the client company. The venue shall have sufficient space for the participants to be seated comfortably for the duration of training, and access to a hose reel. Any catering costs shall be borne by the client company. Please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements if there is any difficulty in providing these facilities and equipment.

Booking a Course

If you would like to book a course for your organisation, please contact our office, and our helpful staff will assist. Please note dates will be set once booking is confirmed.


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