Low Voltage Electrical Work Rescue

Who Should Attend?

All persons involved in electrical work who are required to maintain skill levels in low voltage rescue procedures (including switchboard rescue) as part of their duties.

Students completing Low Voltage Electrical Work Rescue and holding the competency Perform CPR will be meeting the requirements under the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act for a person “competent in rescue and resuscitation”.

What will they learn?

Upon completion of this module, the participant will understand the issues relating to rescuing a person from low voltage apparatus, including practical use of rescue apparatus.

Please note this course does not include a CPR component, so participants will need to already hold a current certificate in CPR or Apply First Aid, or plan to achieve the CPR component after this training.


At the completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • outline appropriate electrical legislative requirements and responsibilities
  • outline the need for worksite planning
  • identify and use equipment in a “Low Voltage Rescue Kit”
  • identify and apply emergency procedures and rescue

What if I need help with reading, writing or mathematics?

We can provide support in some areas. Where we cannot we will provide direction to other agencies who may be able to assist.

How will participants be assessed and what will they receive?

Participants will be assessed through completion of theory and practical exercises. Upon successful completion of the course participants will be issued with a Statement of Attendance for Low Voltage Electrical Work Rescue.

Course Venue and Equipment

The course is conducted in our training rooms at QTS. Where courses are conducted on-site then a suitable venue, data projector and white board are to be provided by the client company.

The venue shall have sufficient space for the participants to be seated comfortably for the duration of training. Any catering costs shall be borne by the client company. Please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements if there is any difficulty in providing these facilities and equipment.

Additional Costs and Expenses

Where the training is conducted outside the immediate Cairns area then additional costs will be applicable. Any air fares, travel, accommodation, meals and materials freight incurred in the provision of this training will be on-charged. Mileage will be charged at 80¢ (plus GST) per kilometre and traveling time will be charged at our standard rates. Please contact us for a formal quotation for courses conducted outside of Cairns.

How to Book a Dedicated Course

If you would like to book a course, please contact our office. Course dates will be scheduled at the time of booking.


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