Submitting Assessments

When submitting work for assessment please fill in the form linked below and submit along with the assessment responses.

Please ensure that:

  1. All tasks submitted have been completed.

  2. The summary sheet has been signed and dated (see link to submission summary sheet below).

  3. All digital files must be named using the following format “Name – Assessment No – Date” (e.g. “Joe Bloggs – A1 –  01 01 2012”)

  4. All non-digital files not to be stapled, as we scan and archive your work

  5. Assessments will only be accepted through the following ways:

No responsibility can be taken by us for lost or missing assessment submissions, and these will not be returned once marked.

Please take copies prior to posting should you wish to keep a copy for your own records.


Submission Summary.docx

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