BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety


To give participants an understanding of a proactive and preventative approach to work health and safety. To build upon the health and safety knowledge and experience of employees, safety advisors, elected health and safety representatives (who have already undertaken HSR training), health and safety officers, and other health and safety practitioners.


Target Audience

This qualification is suitable for people in a work health and safety (WHS) role who may or may not work under supervision. They may provide leadership and guidance to others and have some limited responsibility for the output of others. The qualification reflects the role of workers who apply a broad knowledge base and well-developed skills in a wide variety of contexts and may include coordinators, advisors and facilitators.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Familiarise themselves with WHS laws, rights and duties
  • Undertake WHS inspections and complete documentation
  • Understand hazard identification and the effective control of hazards
  • Critically examine the concept of risk assessment and management systems
  • Respond to incidents and assist with implementing emergency procedures
  • Undertake rehabilitation and return-to-work coordination
  • Manage contractors and implement measures and initiatives


Qualification Certificate

Upon successful completion of assessment tasks (or the RPL process if you have taken that pathway) you will receive the BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety qualification.


Study Options 

At TMT one of our points of difference is the ongoing and varied support options available to you - which can be mixed and matched to suit your circumstances.  

Are you highly experienced and already in a safety role, but just don’t have a piece of paper to show for it? You may only need to enrol in the short-term online only enrolment option with no classroom attendance. 

New to the industry and wanting to gain knowledge and skills? You may decide to choose the longer enrolment option, with the ability to attend classroom sessions over a period of time.

Everyone is different - therefore we structure our courses to accommodate those differences and provide people with the option of buying the best course for them.


Choose your own Adventure!

Online, self-paced, classroom intensive, scheduled workshops... You are the master of your own destiny with this one. We provide a series of options for you to build a course of study which best suits your circumstances and personal study style.

Many people choose training providers purely on price, without understanding what they will get for their money. Extremely cheap courses of study generally provide no trainer support, and many students never finish their studies, because it all becomes too hard. Therefore take care when choosing providers based purely on price.


Your Journey Starts Here

The online only base price to study the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety is $500 for a 6 month enrolment, or $950 for a 12 month enrolment. But do you want more?

Check out these awesome package deals and save a bundle.


Add 5 Package

Does adding a 5 day intensive workshop float ya boat? We can add that, and throw in a hard copy text book. Package price is $1400 for a 6 month enrolment and $1850 for a 12 month enrolment. That’s a saving* of $250! Booyah!

Add 10 Package 

How about coming along to ten scheduled facilitated workshops spread out over 6 months? Package price is $2350 for a 6 month enrolment and $2800 for a 12 month enrolment. That’s a saving* of $1200!!  Woot! Woot!  Don’t worry - you still get your text book.

The Big Kahuna

Ok, what about a 5 day intensive, 10 days of facilitated class time, extra one-on-one support, and the text book? Package price is $2850 for a 6 month enrolment and $3300 for a 12 month enrolment. That’s a saving* of an incredible $1800!!!  Just take my money! 


*Savings are based on what the price would be if each option was purchased individually. The text book is worth $50, 5 day intensive is worth $1100 and 10 days of scheduled facilitated class delivery is worth $3000. Please note there are no refunds if you miss scheduled workshops or days during the intensive. You do have the option to complete these days self-paced or attend the classes again in the following 6 months if you have purchased the 12 month enrolment option. The 10 days of facilitated workshops are simply an extension of the 5 day intensive and some information and/or presentations may be repeated.


Every Student Receives:

  • A training and assessment plan customised to your circumstances
  • Comprehensive learning resources, including our own WHS eBook, plus useful templates
  • Weekly online interactive Q&A sessions
  • Pre-recorded topic presentations
  • Industry sourced webinars and video content
  • One hour of one-on-one trainer tuition time - can be used in minimum 15 minute blocks
  • Ongoing assistance and guidance from our Support Team


What Do I Bring to Class?

We have student laptops available for use in the classroom, as your studies will require the use of this technology both online and offline. If you wish to bring your own laptop computer (or decent tablet or notebook) please ensure you are familiar with using it and researching online, as we cannot provide IT assistance during the classroom facilitation. Please note iPads generally cannot do the tasks we require, so they are not recommended. Government or corporate laptops are also not recommended due to the security restrictions they have with regards to accessing the Internet.


Time Required to Complete 

How long will this take me to complete? This is a common question, and difficult to answer, as everyone is different. Some work faster than others, have existing experience, and prior knowledge. They will probably complete faster. If you have a good study ethic, available time, and chip away at the assessments on a regular basis, you can most likely get this done in the 6 month timeframe or even sooner. If you have limited time, and/or study is challenging for you, give yourself the 12 month timeframe.


Core Units

  • BSBWHS402 Assist with compliance with WHS laws 
  • BSBWHS403 Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes 
  • BSBWHS404 Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control 
  • BSBWHS405 Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS management systems 
  • BSBWHS406 Assist with responding to incidents

Elective Units

  • BSBWHS407 Assist with claims management, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs
  • BSBWHS408 Assist with effective WHS management of contractors
  • BSBWHS410 Contribute to work-related health and safety measures and initiatives
  • DEFWHS016 Conduct work health and safety inspections
  • PUAWER002B Ensure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented


Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have previous competencies, skills and/or experience relevant to the units your are about to study, which can be verified via documentary or other evidence, please ask us about Recognition of Prior Learning. You will be asked a series of questions, and participate in a “competency conversation” with a trainer to ascertain your level of skill and knowledge. Your history of study, skills and experience will be taken into account, and where your experience supports the criteria included in the units of competency, this will be used to reduce the amount of study you need to do for this qualification. 


Is this the right qualification for me?

Whilst no licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication; relevant national, state and territory legislation, regulations and codes of practice impact upon this qualification. 

The harmonised WHS legislation brings with it the need for health and safety advisors to hold appropriate qualifications.

Workplace Health & Safety Queensland and other State and Territory Regulators support the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety as an appropriate qualification for Safety Advisors or WHS Officers.


How to Enrol

If you wish to enrol in the Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety, please fill in and email or post a completed enrolment form back to Total Management and Training, stating which delivery option you prefer. 

Enrolment forms may be found on our website.

To assist with affordability, any individuals enrolling in this qualification may enter into a payment plan where an initial small payment is taken up front, and further instalments are deducted via direct debit over a period of time.

For further information, please read the Student Information Handbook which is located at the bottom of our website.



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