Microsoft Excel - Level 3



Our Microsoft Excel - Level 3 program is designed for students who wish to advance their computer skills by learning to work more in depth with Microsoft Excel.

The course is aimed at those who already have good knowledge and experience working with Excel and wish to take their skills to the next level.

Course facilitators are knowledgeable in all levels of Excel and use the software on a daily basis. You will receive hands-on training by our patient, experienced facilitators, and easy to ready printed courseware for future reference.

At the conclusion of the training, you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.


Included Topics

Setting Excel Options

  • Personalising, formulas, options

Protecting Data

  • Protecting, disabling, restricting access

Importing & Exporting

  • Data, connections, delimited text

Data Linking

  • Linking between worksheets and workbooks

Grouping and Outlining

  • Outlines, manual groupings

Summarising and Subtotalling

  • Nested subtotals, auto-filter, relative names

Data Consolidation

  • Identical layouts, different layouts

Data Tables

  • What-if models, one and two-variable


  • Creating, naming displaying

Pivot Tables

  • Creating, defining, filtering
  • Clearing, switching, formatting

Pivot Table Features

  • Counting, percentages, differences
  • Running totals, calculated fields

Pivot Charts

  • Defining, charging, using

Advanced Filters


Validating Data

  • Number ranges, input messages


  • Combo box, cell links, list box
  • Spin and option buttons

Sharing Worksheets

  • Enabling, accepting, disabling

Recorded Macros

  • Recording, saving, running
  • Viewing, editing, assigning


Make It Happen

Dedicated corporate classes may be scheduled, and these may be delivered onsite depending on availability of computers at the client’s premises, or in our training rooms using the laptops available at TMT. Please speak to our friendly staff regarding onsite delivery.



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